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Review: The Eighth Night by Sandra Sookoo




In the aftermath of Christmas, some people might feel the holiday has become too commercialized. If that is you, then maybe THE EIGHTH NIGHT is for you. Brooke is an orphan who works in a grocery store. Occasionally, Eli Goodman would pass through her line. They’d smile, maybe flirt a little before he grabs his bags and leaves.

Unexpectedly, Eli asks Brooke to join him and his family for the first night of Hanukkah dinner. Hoping to frustrate his mother by bringing a shikse (non-Jewish woman) home with him, Eli succeeds in angering his mother, but he starts seeing Brooke in a new light. She’s no longer a tool to raise his mother’s ire.

When you really look at THE EIGHTH NIGHT, the characters feel a bit one dimensional. Brooke is mopey and disenfranchised with the Christmas season and her own sad backstory of being an orphan. She is merely dragged to the Goodman’s Hanukkah celebration and who occasionally gets miffed at the hero. Eli, on the other hand, likes Hanukkah and begins to appreciate it more when he brings Brooke to the gatherings. What should be a lovely story about discovering the true meaning of the holidays turns into a story that leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth about Christmas, which can be a turn off for some readers.

THE EIGHTH NIGHT is well written with an interesting plot. Unfortunately, that does not make up for the unappealing characters.


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