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Review: Beauty and the Blacksmith by Tessa Dare



In her last Spinster Cove novella “Beauty and the Blacksmith,” Dare features characters whose love story is briefly glanced over all the way back in book one of the Spindle Cove series, “A Night to Surrender”. And because of conversations alluding to the past, the story and the couple feel like they have a history which enriches the novella.

Lady Diana Highwood spends her days breaking her necklace so that the village blacksmith, Aaron Dawes, has to fix it. It gives her an excuse to drop by and just see him despite knowing that no matter what her heart says a match with Aaron will not please her mother.

Tessa Dare is a master of the romance novella. Her novellas have the feel of a full and robust full-length novel despite the smaller page count. The love, the hope and the hardships facing Diana and Aaron never suffer from its novella length. Their story is just as important and Dare gives them the story they–and the readers need.


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