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Review: Romance for Cynics by Nicola Marsh



When financial whiz Cashel Burgess puts off a young starlet, she sets out to destroy his reputation by spreading rumors.  Knowing his business relies on his good name and image, Cash agrees to his friend’s suggestion to enter a Public Relations firm’s Valentine’s Day competition to find Australia’s Most Romantic Couple. All Cash needs is a fake girlfriend and who better than his no-nonsense gardener?

Lucy Grant hates Valentine’s Day thanks to a cheating ex-husband. So when her best client offers her money (and the chance to completely redesign his garden) to pretend to be his girlfriend for a week she says no. However, Lucy soon discovers that her grandmother is dire financial straits and Lucy must accept Cash’s offer in order to save her childhood home.

With each romantic event, the line between real and fake become blurred and two cynics learn that there might be something to all this romance stuff after all.

Sweet and entertaining with likable characters and fun dialogue, Romance for Cynics is a quick, satisfying Aussie romance.


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