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Review: The Arrangement by Mary Balogh



After being blinded in battle Vincent Hunt, Viscount Darleigh evades his well-meaning, albeit smothering female relatives bent on matchmaking by escaping to the country. But when his neighbors try to entrap him into marrying their daughter, Vincent is saved by plain-looking companion Sophia Fry. Feeling that the only thing women find attractive is his title and income, Vincent wants a marriage of convenience with a woman of his choosing who will let him be.

When he proposes to Sophie, she cannot understand why such a handsome man would want to marry such an unlovable person as she. With no option she agrees to his plan: After living one year together they will separate. Sophie will get her own little cottage to draw her little cartoons and live a quiet life, while Vincent will get to be independent and free from matchmakers and debutantes.

As they learn to live together, they begin to discover common interests and maybe their marriage of convenience can become a real one after all.

THE ARRANGEMENT is interesting and well-written with a delightfully engaging couple. The main desire of the couple is a life of freedom, but soon they find that freedom with loneliness can be a more daunting than the metaphorical cages that once trapped them.


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