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Review: Nerds are from Mars by Vicki Lewis Thompson



Back in high school, nerdy Nolan Bradbury had a crush on popular girl Darcie Ingram who did not give him the time of day. Now years later Nolan is a successful astrophysicist who billionaire Fagan Harcourt has hired to lead his ten-year mission to colonize Mars.

At the top of his game, he is asked to be a guest of honor at the Science Expo in L.A. During his lecture, Darcie reenters his life and the awkward, self-conscious nerdy self is back.

Darcie is a professional astrologer with a psychic intuition. She’s searched out Nolan because she sensed that he was in danger and is pleased to see that Nolan has grown into a successful scientist with some serious sex appeal. With the man she’s destined—according to their star charts—to marry receiving death threats, Darcie must use her intuitive skills to keep them one step ahead of the villains.

The long-awaited eighth book in Thompson’s Nerd series, NERDS ARE FROM MARS does not live up to expectations. The story lacks the quirky charm of the previous novels and oversaturated with sex scenes.

While the buildup in the beginning of the book is well done and showed the growing bond between Nolan and Darcie, the book becomes derailed in the middle. The middle of the book is composed of sex scene after sex scene. They are well written, but they stop any forward momentum of the story. The amount of pages devoted to the sex also takes away from ending thus making the climax feel rushed.

Though disappointing, NERDS ARE FROM MARS shows some promise. If Vicki Lewis Thompson writes a ninth Nerd book, I will buy it and give it a chance in the hope that it might match the enjoyment I got from the first seven Nerd books.


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Review: What a Hero Dares by Kasey Michaels



As a directionless youth, Maximillien Redgrave’s grandmother had him become a soldier. There he learned the skills he needed to protect England and hunt down those who want to destroy his family. In his quest, Max met and fell in love with his fellow agent Zoe Charbonneau. Only Zoe betrayed him and killed most of their associates in the process. Now, nearly a year later Zoe is back just when the Society is ready to attack.

Framed for a crime she did not commit, Zoe must work with the man she still loves to clear her name and catch the real culprit.

The story began with an extensive summary to catch readers up on the events of the previous three books in the Redgrave series. The synopsis is thorough, but a bit dry and dense.

The main issue with this novel is that it does not feel like the focus of the story is about Max and Zoe. In fact their issues are settled right away and there is no further conflicts that would prevent them from being together.

WHAT A HERO DARES is the final chapter of a larger saga and it shows by pushing aside the romance to finish the story of the Redgraves and the Society. The ending seemed rushed and hinged on a reveal that did not really make sense and it left me feeling cheated.


A better ending would’ve been to have the Exalted One to have been the Redgraves’ mother. She was a far more plausible and had much more motivation to see England and the Redgraves legacy destroyed. It would also make sense as to why she would be sexually obsessed with Niall who was said to be the spitting image of her late husband Barry. The Exalted Leader’s eventual suicide would make for a more compelling and emotional scene. She is losing, but she also does not want to face her children—whom she abandoned years ago—as the monster she has become.

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