Review: Lantern Lake by Lily Everett



When they were in college, Vivian Banks left Cooper Haynes waiting at the courthouse on their wedding day, leaving him without a word. Nine years later, they are both standing in the same wedding and when Cooper sees Vivian walk down the aisle, he realizes that he is not over her betrayal and wants revenge. He will seduce her, make her care for him again and then leave her in the morning without a backwards glance.

However, when the morning comes, Cooper cannot seem to get Vivian out of his system. He buys the Lantern Lake cabin she is trying to flip so that he can spend more time with her. As the days become weeks Cooper realizes he may never get enough of his first love.

Lily Everett finishes off the third and final novella of her Billionaire Bachelor series with a simple, well-written tale of how love survives and blooms despite years and adversity.

Lantern Lake is simply good and inescapably enjoyable.


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