Review: Bonfire Beach by Lily Everett



The CEO of a successful entertainment company, Zane Bishop is tapped by his friend Miles Harrington (hero of ISLAND ROAD) to help plan his wedding reception. The only problem this handsome, fun-loving guy has is the very proper, uptight wedding planner Felicity Carson.

Felicity knows that too much fun can ruin dreams. Now she is a no-nonsense woman who likes everything exactly as she planned. When she meets Zane he upsets her perfectly ordered plans with helicopter rides and jaunts on his vintage motorcycle complete with a sidecar for her. Felicity starts to loosen up, but when things begin to become serious will carefree Zane be ready for more?

BONFIRE BEACH is the second novella in the Billionaire Bachelors series from Lily Everett (aka Louisa Edwards). Everett improves upon her earlier novella (THE FIRESIDE INN) with stronger characters and an overall better flow despite having very similar pacing.

Short, sweet and fun.


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Filed under Contemporary, Novella, Review, St. Martin's Press

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