Review: Just a Hint–Clint by Lori Foster



The fourth book in Foster’s Visitation series, “Just a Hint – Clint” begins when plain schoolteacher, Julie Rose, is kidnapped and mercenary Clint Evans is hired to save her. They are different in many ways, but with her life in danger, Clint and Julie grow closer together and find that being different might not be so bad after all.

One of Lori Foster’s greatest strength is weaving humor into her romances.  There is a small bit of levity in the story even when the characters are a bit shell-shocked and on the run. It prevents the story from becoming too melodramatic. The characters of Visitation are only in a small portion of the story, but they still retain their charm and provide a much wanted update of past couples.

The relationship between Clint and Julie grows quickly, but it doesn’t seem improbable. It is instantly obvious that they both find each other appealing. As they learn more about themselves and each other, they realize that maybe what they have is more than just lust and adrenaline. Both the readers and Julie and Clint will feel like they belong with one another.

You do not need to have read the other books in Foster’s Visitation series to enjoy “Just a Hint—Clint.” Unlike the others in the series, this novel has the least to do with the other four books and is more of an aside than part of the overall series plot.

This is an oldie, but definitely still a worthwhile read.


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