Review: Blue By You by Rachel Gibson


When she was eighteen, Blue Butler gave her virginity to Kasper Pennington, whose family has been feuding with hers for over a century. Their chemistry was explosive, but the next morning he was gone and she was left to move on.

Kasper left Blue and his hometown for a career in the Marines and now he’s back and ready to right past mistakes. But twenty-two years is a long time and Kasper has to prove to Blue that despite everything, they are still meant to be.

Blue By You is a standalone novella set in post-Katrina Louisiana from veteran contemporary romance writer Rachel Gibson. It’s a story that shows us that it is never too late to right past wrongs, especially if love is involved.

The character of Blue is strong and the reader gets a feel for what she’s been through since she and Kasper last hooked up. Unfortunately the character development for Kasper lacks a bit until the very end. Due to this, the romance between the two seems a bit unfulfilling, but not enough to ruin the experience.


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