Review: Sapphire Dreams by Pamela Montgomerie



“Sapphire Dreams” is the first historical time-travel romance from established paranormal author Pamela Palmer. Writing as Pamela Montgomerie, she weaves a story about Brenna Cameron, a young woman who is transported 300 hundred years into the past. There she meets Rourke Douglas who captains a pirate ship off the coast of Scotland. Together they must choose whether prophesy controls their fate or their choices.

The narrative is immersive. The lead characters are dynamic and thoroughly interesting. Brenna is a fighter and will not simply wait around for a man to rescue her. She is strong, but retains her feminism. This makes her an easy to like character with a good balance of vice and virtue. She can hold her own without becoming a harridan that can often happen to strong-willed heroines.

Brenna’s counterpart, Rourke Douglas, is sexy and the cover model on the novel’s cover does him little justice. He is thoughtful, caring, and even when the reader meets him for the first time, there is an innate honor to his character. Rourke encapsulates the most common traits of a near perfect mate plus retains his humanity and vulnerability.

The most Impressive element of “Sapphire Dreams” is Montgomerie’s use of descriptions. Her vivid use of adjectives paints a beautiful picture of the Scottish landscape which gives the readers wonderful feeling of atmosphere and a world larger than the scope of the novel. The reader will feel as if they’ve been to present day Castle Stour and its 17th century counterpart.

To put it simply, “Sapphire Dreams” is pure magic. If you are a fan of paranormal romance or straight historical romance, this is not a book to pass by. The next time you are at the book store look for “Sapphire Dreams” by Pamela Montgomerie. You will not be disappointed.


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