Review: To Tempt a Scotsman by Victoria Dahl

To Tempt a scotsman20Percent


Is there anything sexier than a Scottish accent (besides nearly all the other accents of the United Kingdom)? It is no wonder that in Victoria Dahl’s novel the hero is from Scotland.

To Tempt a Scotsman” is about Lady Alexandra Huntington, a young woman who suffered through exile after a terrible scandal that resulted in a man’s death. Collin Blackburn is the half-brother of the man who died in the duel over the beautiful and brazen Alexandra. His quest for revenge has led him to Alex and attraction blooms almost instantly.

Dahl is able add humor and desire into the courtship between Alex and Collin. Their story is endearing and the themes are relatable. The element most used is that of unworthiness, a common theme and universal feeling.

The major flaw of this novel appears a bit after two-thirds of the story. Collin is a jealous man. For a significant part of the book, Collin turns into a very detestable character with few redeeming qualities. Readers can become frustrated at his behavior and beg the heroine to leave his sorry rear in the dust. As an author you never want your readers to ever root for your hero’s failure. Personally, I don’t know if I’d forgive the hero’s many, many missteps; particularly when he believed Alex was a loose woman after indisputable proof proved otherwise.


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