Review: Tempted by Lori Foster



When time is limited and reading an entire novel is out of the question, picking up an anthology is a great route to choose. Lori Foster has written a lot of books and has participated in many anthologies. “Tempted” is the collection of Lori Foster’s Sawyers family stories and a reissue of an earlier trade paperback version released in 2005.

In the first story, “Little Miss Innocent?” is about conservative Dr. Daniel Sawyers and brazen sex therapist Lace McGee. It’s a story where opposites attract, assumptions are wrong and characters discover that they cannot fight the feelings bubbling to the surface. Thought Daniel and Lace are two very different people, Foster is able to make their relationship feel plausible and emotional.

“Annie, Get Your Guy” features Daniel’s kid sister Annie is love with his best friend Guy Donovan. Annie has been in love with Guy for years, but his seeming indifference to her advance has caused her to use more drastic seduction techniques. Foster is able to show by using dialogue and flashbacks to show the reader that Guy loves Annie as well without it seeming like a huge revelation.

The final novella is about Maddie Montgomery, a counselor whose fiancé cheated on her. Needing a no-strings attached fling, town lothario Max Sawyers seems like the perfect candidate. Unfortunately, after adopting a dog, Max is looking to settle down. This story is the least successful of the three. Throughout the events of their tale, it seemed that Maddie was more in love with Max’s dog than she was with him. Thus, with the rapport of the human character less believable than that between the dog and the humans, Foster has created a story that is less appealing than its predecessors.

If you are new to Lori Foster “Tempted” may not be the best book to start off with. It has its charms and fun characters, but ultimately some of the story elements fell a bit flat. Gorgeous new cover though.


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