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Review: Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros



With the popularity and prevalence of Twitter, a romance based on the application was bound to happen. The truly surprising thing was that GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART didn’t fall completely flat.

After her fall from fame, Abigail Donovan was grasping at straws as she slipped further into obscurity and loneliness. That is until her publicist creates a Twitter account for her. Now Abby could send out 140 character messages into the world, thinking no one would respond, but someone read her tweets. Mark Baynard read and replied to Abby in record time, imparting a beginner’s guide to Twitter in his wake.

A good portion of the novel is written in tweets between Abby and Mark. This was a dangerous gambit. With the entirety of Mark and Abby’s relationship being built on little to no description means the conversation must be engaging and sparkling. Ms Medieros creates conversations that read authentic, witty and quick. The dialogue is made up of fast-paced tweets that range from witty remarks to mundane comments that seem far overused.

Despite the lack of any physical interactions by our main characters, it is not missed. With her talent for dialogue, Medieros is able to give readers a satisfying relationship based solely on an intellectual level.

The plot itself is standard romance stock. Heroine is at the low point of her life, seemingly unable to climb back up. Then the mysterious hero swoops in, bringing the Heroine a renewed vigor to her step, but all might not be as it seems.

My only wish is that GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART was just a little bit longer. Though the story was enjoyable and utterly engaging, Ms Medieros’ latest novel felt like it was missing an epilogue and that left one feeling disappointed after such a wonderful reading experience.


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