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Review: Lois Lane Tells All by Karen Hawkins



When an author who is established in a specific sub-genre suddenly switches to another, readers tend to worry. Karen Hawkins has made a name for herself as a regency-era writer, but she made her contemporary debut with Talk of the Town in 2008. Hawkins’ latest book, “Lois Lane Tells All,” is the sequel.

Mark Tremayne, brother of Talk’s heroine, is back in his hometown to be the CFO of The Glory Examiner. He’s in town until he can make his sister’s newspaper profitable. His only distraction is sexy reporter Susan Collins. Their viewpoints differ greatly on how to run the Examiner, but their mutual attraction seems to trump all of their disagreements.

As a comic book fan, it is nice to see a comic book fan that isn’t hopelessly devoid of social skills (i.e. The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann). Susan idolizes Lois Lane and makes comparisons between Mark and Clark Kent. It is an interesting character quark that is not often used with heroines.

The relationship between Mark and Susan is fun to follow. They try to hide their feelings and bicker, but it is oblivious that there is something between them. When Susan’s life becomes at risk, the Murder Mystery Club’s assistance is a hilarious in their attempts to become the town’s premier CSI lab, operating out of an assisted-living center.

“Lois Lane Tells All” is lighthearted despite Susan’s “accidents” and good second entry in Hawkins’ first contemporary romance series.

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