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Review: Passion Under the Poplars



This is one hot read. To put it simply, PASSION UNDER THE POPLARS has one of the steamiest sex scenes I’ve ever read and there wasn’t a female in sight.

We all had that one high school crush and for Farley Stevens, that crush was the quarterback of the football team, Brock Pearson. Seeing Brock again causes Farley to reminisce about the pain and awkwardness of growing up gay in a close-minded town. When Brock suggests they go to Farley’s cabin to escape the heat, Farley can’t decide if it’s a fantasy come true or the wild imaginings of a man who recently got dumped.

Dickey Roebuck and Austen Duane are able to fit a surprising amount of plot and back story into a Naughty Nibbles worth of pages. Not only is the story well written, but passion oozes from the pages.

Having a second chance with that first crush is something readers can wish for and with PASSION UNDER THE POPLARS, they can at least live it vicariously and well.


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Review: Montana Belle by Linda Morris



You know you found a good read when you’ve enjoyed a story in a genre you do not like. I detest westerns, but I loved MONTANA BELLE.

Linda Morris knows how to craft a short story. The writing is uncomplicated and not bogged down by too much plot.

The story is simple. After years of civilized schooling out east, Augusta Springer returns to rustic Montana. There, she discovers that her father is trying to marry her off to her old girlhood crush, Joshua Bradley. Wanting to return to Boston to help underprivileged children, Augusta rebuffs Joshua’s proposal despite their shared history.

What Linda Moore accomplishes in just under 70 pages is a satisfying tale about two people who reacquaint after many years apart only to discover that their connection to each other is as strong as ever. MONTANA BELLE is a true quick delight.

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