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Sexy Hump Day 28 – Joe Manganiello

Here’s some Joe Manganiello because my best friend thinks he’s gorgeous. I now see the appeal.

Joe Manganiello Actor Joe Manganiello arrives to the launch of the Puma Social Club L.A.  on October 13, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.


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Sexy Hump Day 27 -Asian/ Pacific Islander Month

Only my second Asian appreciation post. I’m thinking I may need to do this more than  once a year!


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Advice from Authors – Opal Carew

Next Kindlegraph is from erotica author Opal Carew. Here we have another personalized message, but (unlike Amy Tan) her signature is in the script type font. If you want a Kindlegraph from Opal Carew just click the image below.

Slaves of Love

When Shena betrayed Keern, he swore revenge. Now she is his slave…

Shena is a pawn to her father’s desire to extend his holdings. She’s known neither kindness nor love, until one fateful day when she meets Keern. In a few passionate hours together, he teaches her what it means to feel loved and protected. She would do anything to protect him from her father’s greed, but in a moment of weakness, she reveals Keern’s identity and sets in motion a series of events that lead to his brother’s death and her sale as a slave.

Keern believes Shena betrayed him. When she plays the venomous shrew to push him away and keep him safe, he falls for the act and grows to hate her. When his brother dies, he swears his revenge and tracks her all the way to the auction blocks. He purchases her for his slave, but will he find satisfaction for his rage or will the overwhelming sexual attraction they share make him her slave instead?

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Sexy Hump Day 26 Avengers Assemble!

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