Advice from Authors – Amy Tan

Here is the first of my “kindlegraphs” I’d like to share. This is from an author I’ve admired since reading “Rules of the Game” back in elementary school. As the daughter of an Asian-immigrant mother, I could relate to Waverly Jong in a way I’d never been able to with any other characters I’d read about previously. It was one of my first literary revelations: There are stories for people like me.

Rules for Virgins” is  Amy Tan’s newest story. It’s the tale of an older courtesan–Magic Gourd–laying out the rules to her new protegé, Violet. On the surface it seems like a simple story of Magic Gourd laying out the framework that will lead to a successful life for Violet and herself. But it evolves into a bittersweet tale of Magic Gourd’s past and the inevitability of Violet’s  future.

Note: Amy Tan actually signed her name instead of using the script font that simulates a signature.


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