Review: Winning the Wallflower by Eloisa James

Cover of Winning the Wallflower by Eloisa James

A prequel to Eloisa James’  book “The Duke is Mine”, “Winning the Wallflower” is about a woman learning the value of herself and overcoming her perceived faults.

Lady Lucy Towerton is tall, very tall and has cruelly nicknamed the Leaning Tower by the Duke of Pole. Luckily after three years on the marriage block the handsome, wealthy and very tall Mr. Ravensthorpe has asked for her hand. Though it is widely known that he is merely marrying to become more respectable, but Lucy is smitten with him anyway.

Cyrus Ravensthorpe picked Lucy to be his bride because of her noble birth and perpetual wallflower status. Wallflowers do not create gossip, and for his plans to work, Ravensthorpe cannot be attached to any more scandals.

Then suddenly Lucy inherits a fortune and is ordered by her family to end her engagement to the delectable Mr. Ravensthorpe. In an attempt to save her betrothal, Lucy plans to be caught in a compromising position with her very proper fiancé.  But when she realizes that Cyrus selected her in same fashion as one would choose a hat, she ends it. This one-sided relationship is no longer acceptable. She deserves more than what he is giving her.

For Ravensthorpe, Lucy’s ranting and raving was a revelation. Instead of blending into the background she was now vividly apparent to him and he had to win her back.

“Winning the Wallflower” is a take every girl dreams happening to them. The most handsome man in the world realizes he unappreciated you and goes about to rectify his mistake in the most romantic–and completely him–ways because he loves you just the way you are.

Eloisa James is able to weave a story that is both romantic, sweet and sentimental. The beginning really sets an amusing tone that makes you want to know how Cyrus plans to woo Lucy.

Where the novella begins to fall short is towards the end. The storytelling becomes more summary even going so far as having the annoying Duke of Pole get his comeuppance relegated to a near footnote.  But this shortfall is not enough to detract from the novella.

“Winning the Wallflower” is a charming and quick read. At $0.99 this e-book exclusive novella is a must-have for any fan of Eloisa James and deserves thorough consideration for historical romance fans.


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