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How not to get a date

While surfing the new dating site I came across this creepy, creepy gem. I don’t care if it’s a joke. What girl wants to go out and this be their first date?

How about we… Tour the sites that the DC snipers shot people in the fall of 2002 (what a year!). –Our first twelve dates are already lined up! 🙂


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Sexy Hump Day 20 Cowboys

This week I am inspired! I read a most interesting first sentence in a romance novel, specifically and ARC of “The Cowboy Takes a Bride”  by Lori Wilde.

“The naked cowboy in the gold-plated horse trough presented a conundrum.”

And seriously, who doesn’t like a cowboy? There’s something about a well worn Stetson and some Southern swagger that gets a girl’s heart racing. Don’t you agree?


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