Clearing the dust off

Unlike most things (like my desk) blogs don’t gather dust which is a good thing seeing as I’ve been a very, very negligent writer. What I am happy about is that it wasn’t all due to laziness…a little laziness, but not entirely.

The main event that kick started my disappearance what that I acquired a brother-in-law. My baby sister got married!

Obviously, I am the palest one in that photo since reading and gaming are not conducive  to a gorgeous tan. My sister on the other hand likes sports and does things like suntan.

Besides that major family event (and the stream of relatives who now pester me about when I am getting married), I work in retail. We start prepping for Black Friday in October. Since I work on the logistical side of things, I concentrate on making sure we have all the merchandise we’re supposed to have. With new sales every week, knowing what’s on sale and whether we have the items takes a lot  of time and energy. It also takes patience.

Amidst all the extra work and chaos, are the customers. Retail workers always know when the holidays approach because people become ruder. I find the audacity and condescension of some people continually surprising. Obviously, finding a stress reliever was a necessity. So I’ve been playing  some DC Universe Online. Yeah, I mean it was enjoyable when I beta tested it, but I did swear off all mmorpgs at one point. To be honest though, it is damn fun–and incredibly geeky–to fight alongside heroes like Nightwing and Raven.

Anyway,  been reading a lot too and watching some new shows and movies, so hopefully some new content will be up soon–including the restart of Sexy Hump Day!


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