Sexy Hump Day 11: Men doing chores

I just finished reading Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson. In it there is a scene in which the heroine walks in on the hero doing dishes without her having to ask and she finds it an incredible turn on and I can’t help but agree.

I don’t know how, but every time I live with someone my permanent chore always seems to be doing dishes. It’s a chore that has no end. Once you finish a load, there is always another glass or plate or piece of silverware that appears as soon as your back is turned. So the occasional break is a welcome respite from the never-ending battle against dirty dishes.

Perhaps part of the reason that I find it attractive when a man helps out with the household chores is because I was raised in a home that followed very traditional gender roles. Women cleaned, cooked and took care of the children while the men took care of the finances, opened jars, grilled meats, killed bugs and lifted heavy objects. I am not diametrically opposed to the gender role standards. I enjoy cooking when I have the time and I absolutely suck at math.  I am that person in the restaurant that sits there and stares at a receipt, trying to figure out how much to tip. Thank god my best friend is good at math. At the end of the meal I just look at her, helplessly, and ask “what do I tip”? After which she rolls her eyes and sighs before answering me. So you can only imagine what a hassle it is for me to try to figure out my financials at the end of every month.

In conclusion, one way into my heart is to offer to do the dishes on occasion. I’m sure this is true for other women as well.


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