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Sexy Hump Day 14 – Blonds

We all have our likes and dislikes. I like blond men. I’ve never known why. Maybe it is because I have such dark hair and eyes, but fair-colored men are just…wonderful in my opinion.

The problem with being a comic book and romance fan is that blond men tend to be few and far between. Think about it. Make a list of brun (yes that is the masculine form of brunette) comic book heroes and blond ones.

Off the top of my head:

Blonds- Booster Gold, Johnny Storm, Steve Rogers, Thor, Flash II…Aquaman, Geoforce, Golden Age Hawkman…John Constantine….Alan Scott…..Havok and ok, straining a bit now.

Bruns- Superman, Batman, Robins I, II, III and V, Flashes I and III, Green Lanterns (Hal, John, Guy and Kyle), Present-day Hawkman, Atom I and II, Wildcat, Captain Marvel, Cyclops, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ironman, Bruce Banner, Bucky Barnes, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and I best stop there.

In romance, author Madeline Hunter has stated that only TWO of her heroes have been blond in TWENTY books! Yes, that is just one author’s statistics, but looking over my collection…it’s hard to find heroes who aren’t tall, dark and dashing.

It is a shame that blond men aren’t given the spotlight more.


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Sexy Hump Day 13 – Green Lantern

With Green Lantern‘s release just around the corner, let’s face it, one of the main draws for the movie is its star Ryan Reynolds. A couple of my girlfriends have told me that the only reason they are even going to see the movie is because he is in it and he is charming. More embarrassingly they’ll also add that Ryan Reynolds is hot as well.

So, let’s take a look at Ryan Reynolds and some of the other men that we’ll be seeing on the big screen.

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Sexy Hump Day 12: X-Men

Last Saturday I saw X-Men: First Class with a couple of friends after a horrifically terrible attempt to see the movie on Friday after dinner on Friday.

After being kept at work until 6pm I made my way to the Cheesecake Factory. After a pleasant dinner (I being the only one satisfied with my order), my roommate quickly turned pale. Making sure she was okay enough to get herself home, my friend and I went to the theater to meet our other friend who had already bought herself a ticket. With just over 10 minutes to spare before the showing, we arrive to a completely PACKED parking lot and joined the dozens of cars circling like vultures. And after 30 minutes of not finding a parking space, my friend and I gave up.

We make new plans to see it in the next town over which had plenty of parking and an Uno’s Pizzeria nearby. Seeing as my roommate and I are from Chicago, we couldn’t resist the lure of a decent deep-dish pizza.

I liked X-Men: First Class. It was a fun flick that explored the origins of both Professor X and Magneto and the start of their long history together. I will probably talk more about this later so until then here some of men from the X-Men franchise particularly some James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender who was absolutely mesmerizing as Erik Lehnsherr.



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Sexy Hump Day 11: Men doing chores

I just finished reading Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson. In it there is a scene in which the heroine walks in on the hero doing dishes without her having to ask and she finds it an incredible turn on and I can’t help but agree.

I don’t know how, but every time I live with someone my permanent chore always seems to be doing dishes. It’s a chore that has no end. Once you finish a load, there is always another glass or plate or piece of silverware that appears as soon as your back is turned. So the occasional break is a welcome respite from the never-ending battle against dirty dishes.

Perhaps part of the reason that I find it attractive when a man helps out with the household chores is because I was raised in a home that followed very traditional gender roles. Women cleaned, cooked and took care of the children while the men took care of the finances, opened jars, grilled meats, killed bugs and lifted heavy objects. I am not diametrically opposed to the gender role standards. I enjoy cooking when I have the time and I absolutely suck at math.  I am that person in the restaurant that sits there and stares at a receipt, trying to figure out how much to tip. Thank god my best friend is good at math. At the end of the meal I just look at her, helplessly, and ask “what do I tip”? After which she rolls her eyes and sighs before answering me. So you can only imagine what a hassle it is for me to try to figure out my financials at the end of every month.

In conclusion, one way into my heart is to offer to do the dishes on occasion. I’m sure this is true for other women as well.

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Wrist Braces and Booster Gold

So I’ve been a bit MIA. Unfortunately, I started showing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. It wouldn’t have been so bad if everything in my life didn’t revolve around typing. I’m an administrative assistant, a transcriber, and when I have a free moment, a writer.

The past week I’ve been wearing a wrist brace on my dominant hand, making it infuriatingly difficult to perform everyday tasks like drinking out of a glass or writing my name.

But not everything was terrible last week. I met with my friend Carolyn, a comic creator and artist. After a tasty meal at Chipole and lengthy discussion concerning the calorie count of tortillas and the utter nonsensical uselessness of burrito bowls. Seriously, what’s the point of having a burrito without the tortilla? A burrito is street food and putting it in a bowl changes that and… ok, I need to let it go.

For dessert Carolyn and I went to Pinkberry. It was my first time  and while we waited a worker handed us a sample of their new flavor salty caramel. It was love at first bite. The sea salt sprinkled on top of the caramel yogurt was so scrumptious that I went back the next day (after seeing Something Borrowed with other friends).

The highlight of the week though was seeing my completed Booster Gold commission from Thom Zahler. Booster is one of my favorite characters. He’s up there with Bart Allen, Batman and the Jaime Maddrox.

Some of you might be wondering who Thom Zahler is. He’s the creator of Love and Capes a “heroic situational romantic comedy in comic book form.” Zahler writes, draws, inks and pretty much do EVERYTHING involved with the creation of the comic. It has often been wondered how he has time to produce Love and Capes, attend comic conventions, take commissions and various other things. I believe it’s some combination of Starbucks, Twitter and not sleeping, but I could be wrong.

Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing Thom before his appearance at the Baltimore Comic-Con (You can read it HERE) and he is just as funny and charming in person as he seems on Twitter and in his blog.

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