Trailer Review: Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

For the most part, this is a good trailer. It’s action-packed, funny, and gives us enough plot points to get a gist of the story without giving away the ending. Brandon Routh has talent. His performance in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was one of the highlights of the movie. Yes, Superman Returns was a flop, but if they’d gone the route of Batman Begins and used Routh as a younger, greener Superman he would be a perfect casting choice.

Coincidently, Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington were in both in Superman Returns as well. Huntington playing Jimmy Olsen to Routh’s Clark Kent. In Dylan Dog Sam Huntington stars as Marcus, the movie’s comedic relief. I’m actually unfamiliar with his work apart from his aforementioned appearance as Jimmy Olsen. From what we see in the trailer, Huntington can be funny in both a boisterously manic way and the calmer, almost deadpan manner displayed when he attends the zombie support group. If you want to check him out he currently stars on the American version of Being Human where he plays a werewolf.

Quite a few of the special effects look to be practical rather than cgi. When Dylan is sent flying across the street, it actually looks like Routh was harnessed and sent flying. And with the brief glimpses of creatures we see, many of them look to be real actors wearing well-made prosthetics. Hopefully, this means we will not have to sit through clay-faced abominations like Clu from Tron: Legacy.

What I don’t like are the text references towards the end of the trailer. The only on that makes a semblance of sense was “Superman Returns,” but it is still a cheap ploy that degrades the film.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night comes out April 29th.




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