Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats Reboot Hooooo!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Cartoon Network is rebooting the ThunderCats franchise in July.

From what we can see in the newest trailer (which premiered this past weekend at WonderCon) all the classic character are back with the same powers we remember. Tygra has a whip and can turn invisible. Cheetara has super speed and a bo staff. The twins are agile with smoke bombs. Though Panthro didn’t seem to appear in this trailer, but you can see him in the promo artwork.

We can also see that Cartoon Network is going for a more epic frame story. I can’t even remember the background story from the original.

Something about Lion-O’s kingdom being destroyed and his father dying. Then Lion-O and the other go into a space ship to escape the planet’s destruction. And the only one who ages in the suspended animation pods is Lion-O who goes from annoying child to muscular, still annoying man. And they are fighting a wimpy mummy that can become a super buff on Third Earth. Or something like that… really, all of the old cartoon shows had pretty cracked out plots.

The only thing I really do remember is Lion-O being annoying as hell. That and the theme song was freaking awesome! I really appreciate the somber chords of the classic theme at the end of the 2011 trailer.


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