There is a rare, all-encompassing satisfaction that occurs after finishing a truly good book. It settles in your chest like the inexplicable tightness that follows the realization of your first love. I read something that touches me in a way I may or may not have been expecting, the tightness builds within my chest, and I know. I know I’ve fallen in love.

I knew from the first mention of Ted Beaudine that “Call Me Irresistible” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips would be a book I wouldn’t forget.

Unfortunately, I’ve spent all night with Ted and Meg as they talked of love, landfills and losing control. As much as I have enjoyed myself, I must now prepare for a long day of customer service calls and filing paperwork no one bothered doing since September.

A pint of green beer is scheduled to meet me after work. I can only hope that I am still awake enough to drink it before losing consciousness.


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