Sexy Hump Day 1

Turning 28 is a strange event, at least for me. I’m still young, yet with the big three-oh looming nearby, I am precariously close to being considered on the shelf. Birthdays are a perfect time to look back and remember hot guys of days gone by. Looking back it is possible that I might have gotten into comics because of hot guys.

Next week I promise more traditional pictures of hot guys to get you through the rest of your week.

Just a note: I’m embarrassed about having a crush on only one of these guys. Can you guess which one?




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2 responses to “Sexy Hump Day 1

  1. Cait

    Well, I’m HOPING it’s Harrison, but knowing you, it’s probably one of the nerdy superheroes 😛

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Kim

    My crush on that list would have to be Val Kilmer, but I’m sure that’s not yours either. You should definitely tell us which one… 🙂

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