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Sexy Hump Day 3

Sooo… It’s been a rough day. A rough week really. One in which required a nice glass of vodka to soothe the ever present weight of workplace frustration. That being said, I forgot it was Wednesday, but here are some sexy celebrity hunks (who’ve played superheroes, an anti-hero or a villain) with my apologies.


Captain Kirk counts


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Beastly Review

I went to go see Beastly this weekend. As soon as I entered the theater and sat down, I noticed something. I may be too damned old to go see this movie in theaters.

As soon as I entered theater #3, I noticed the teenyboppers. Their high-pitched chatter is impossible to ignore. My roommate and I take seats near  the top (my roommate believes that movie times are advisements rather than finite start times, so we are always a bit late).  We watched the ill-fitting trailers (seriously, what young girl wants to see In a Better World?) and put up with the constant shuffling and bumping behind us.

The movie begins with a simplistic title card. Then a few minutes of eye candy for the girls. Alex Pettyfer spends some time working out and checking himself out in front of the mirror–for those of us older that 17, Alex is 20, so it is OK to think he’s hot.

The minute Alex appeared shirtless on the screen, dozens of young girls sighed and giggled. A great twittering rippled through the darkened auditorium and I felt old. A recent study showed that women start to feel old by 29, so being 28 I suppose it’s normal to feel this way.  But it still sucks.

As for the movie itself? I’ve got one question for you. Do you like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? If you did then you’d like Beastly.

At this time I’d say “WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD” but, seriously, how can I spoil the story of Beauty and the Beast? This is remake number 2,678.

The movie had the same plot beats has the animated classic. Father gets in trouble. Beast holds Beauty in his castle. She doesn’t leave her room. Staff helps Beast woo her. Then Beast plays up her passions with a surprise room (the library scene in the Disney version). And the list goes on and on. Even some lines from Beastly are pulled directly from Beauty and the Beast.

Most likely because of all the similarities (and Neil Patrick Harris being hilarious), I liked Beastly. It was a well done  update of the classic French fairy tale that highlights the importance of physical appearance over substance in today’s society–especially in high school. Admittedly, there are some eye-rolling moments of extreme sappiness.

After the movie, my roommate and wondered if there exists a version of Beauty and the Beast where the female is the beast and the man must fall love with an unappealing woman. We couldn’t think of one. Can you? And what does that say about us?


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Sex Hump Day 2

Sexy Hump Day: ‘Cause even the ladies need a little something to get through the rest of the week.

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This is what I live with

My roommate and I have been friends for over a decade. And even after all this time she…entertain and surprises me.

Tonight I came home to a seemingly empty apartment. While making dinner she stumbled out of her room, having been napping since she came home from work.

She said she woke up because she was having a weird, bad dream. From what she has told me her dream is as follows:

It starts and she is watching Gandalf and Frodo were around. Gandalf seemed to be stalking toward Frodo and the hobbit backed away. Frodo, it seems, has amnesia and is regarding Gandalf as a weird old man who may or may not attack him.

Frodo was drinking a glass of milk. There was a dead hobbit body propped up on a chair at the table. Frodo didn’t all of the milk. THat seemed important. It was still cold and evil for some reason. It was evil! Like demon possessed. Maybe the body would get up or something. When they realized that the milk was evil, my roommate was trapped in the scene with them. She tried to escape, but when she tried she was in her room.

Now she is her room with the dead hobbit body on the ground. She is trying to escape to the living room where I might be, but where lights will definitely be!

It kind of goes all down hill after that with hearing people outside and being trapped in a room with a dead hobbit body and a demon-possessed evil glass of unfinished cold milk.

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There is a rare, all-encompassing satisfaction that occurs after finishing a truly good book. It settles in your chest like the inexplicable tightness that follows the realization of your first love. I read something that touches me in a way I may or may not have been expecting, the tightness builds within my chest, and I know. I know I’ve fallen in love.

I knew from the first mention of Ted Beaudine that “Call Me Irresistible” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips would be a book I wouldn’t forget.

Unfortunately, I’ve spent all night with Ted and Meg as they talked of love, landfills and losing control. As much as I have enjoyed myself, I must now prepare for a long day of customer service calls and filing paperwork no one bothered doing since September.

A pint of green beer is scheduled to meet me after work. I can only hope that I am still awake enough to drink it before losing consciousness.

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Sexy Hump Day 1

Turning 28 is a strange event, at least for me. I’m still young, yet with the big three-oh looming nearby, I am precariously close to being considered on the shelf. Birthdays are a perfect time to look back and remember hot guys of days gone by. Looking back it is possible that I might have gotten into comics because of hot guys.

Next week I promise more traditional pictures of hot guys to get you through the rest of your week.

Just a note: I’m embarrassed about having a crush on only one of these guys. Can you guess which one?



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